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6.3.2 Berkshire Adoption Advisory Service


“Established in 1998, the Berkshire Adoption Advisory Service (BAAS) is funded by and works with the six unitary authorities in Berkshire”.

This chapter was added to the manual in July 2015.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Berkshire Adoption Advisory Service (BAAS):

  • The management, training, recruitment and co-ordination of Berkshire Joint Adoption Panels, including provision of advice and panel chair;
  • The management of the Berkshire Information Exchange Service (Letterbox) and direct contact post adoption;
  • The management of post adoption direct contact arrangements between adoptive families and birth families where there is no statutory local authority involvement;
  • The provision of telephone advice on enquiries covering all aspects of adoption;
  • The provision of quality practice and procedural advice to unitary staff, managers and adoption panel members on complex adoption issues, including the dissemination of information;
  • The management of the Berkshire database of closed ‘Looked After’ and adopted children’s files pre -1992, supported by a limited social work service;
  • Providing assistance with staff, carer and panel members training needs;
  • Providing assistance with complaints relating to adoption;
  • Chairing adoption disruption meetings;
  • The co-ordination of information regarding waiting adopters and children needing families;
  • The management of the Birth Relative Service, including undertaking relevant administrative and professional tasks in providing support to birth family members when the plan for the child is adoption;
  • The provision of support and financial assistance to specific pan Berkshire adoption support initiatives, where each unitary takes the lead on one shared aspect of adoption support. (These initiatives may change according to need and in agreement with the Consortium adoption teams);
  • Fund and organise the following:
    • Two years membership of Adoption UK for all prospective adopters approved by Berkshire Consortium of Adoption Agencies;
    • Arrange and fund annual adopter’s conference or equivalent.